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what to expect and price list

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NEWBORN (5-20 days)

The ideal time to capture newborn photos is in the first 5-20 days of life, while they are still nice and sleepy, but I do not turn away older babies. It is best to contact me during your pregnancy to book your due date in. I book a tentative appointment based on your due date and get you to contact me within a day or two of baby's arrival to finalise your booking. My photography sessions are baby-led, which means that I constantly read your baby's subtle body language to know when baby is happy and comfortable. Your baby's safety is top priority.

I offer photo shoots on location either outdoor at a location of your choice, or indoor at the comfort of your home. I provide all props, outfits and wraps to be used in the session for baby, so you don't have to worry about a thing. You simply state your preferences, make any requests and I will work with you to style the perfect session. Session can take 1-3 hours, while we may need to take several brakes for top-up feeds and nappy changes. After the session it will usually take me around 4 weeks to deliver you the final edited images.

BABY (6-12 months)

Capture your baby's special milestones from 6 months of age as your baby grows. This is the time that your baby starts to crawl, sit, laugh and sometimes even walk, and that is why it is so exciting to capture these milestones with beautiful photos because your baby is gorgeous and special. Sitter sessions are best scheduled when baby is sitting but not yet crawling since babies like to do the newest skill they have learnt and aren't keen on doing things they have done for ages. If baby is already on the move, that is fine too- it just means we all work a little harder at the shoot. Baby milestone sessions can take up to 1 hour.

CAKE SMASH sessions are done outdoors. Each session begins with an updated family portrait and a photo of each parent if you'd like one. If not, I will spend this time getting a few portraits of the birthday child alone. The 'Cake smashing' part itself will take around 20 minutes where baby explores the cake, its textures, taste and smell, and has fun making a big mess. The cake is provided by me but you are more than welcome to bring your own cake. Please notify me of the cake's colour at least 48 hours prior to the session.


All my family shoots are located outdoors at a location of your choice. They will usually take around 1 hour, which will give us enough time to get relaxed, fun and meaningful photos. 


Sessions are done outdoors. I own a dress collection of 50+ dresses and you can choose 2 dresses for your session to wear if needed. My session will last around 1 hour.

                                                       PRICE LIST

                                              NEWBORN PACKAGE

                                                        $ 650

                                               2.5 Hour photo session

                                                Prop and Bean Bag Posing

                                               20 Edited digital images


                                                   SITTER PACKAGE

                                                        $ 400

                                                1 Hour photo session

                                                Up to 3 outfit changes

                                               15 Edited digital images


                                             CAKE SMASH PACKAGE

                                                        $ 450

                                               1 Hour photo session

                                               Outdoor session

                                             15 Edited digital images

                                             Cake for the cake smash



                                                       $ 850

                         1 Hour Maternity photo shoot( 10 edited digital images)

                        2 Hour Newborn baby shoot( 15 edited digital images)

                                 Use of 1 maternity dress from my collection

                                         Sibling and family is included



                                                FAMILY PACKAGE

                                                       $ 400

                                               1 Hour photo session

                                               15 Edited digital images


                                               MATERNITY PACKAGE

                                                       $ 500

                                              1.5 Hours photo session

                                                   2 Dress Changes

                                              20 Edited digital images

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